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Early Manuscripts Electronic Library (EMEL)

NEWS: Aracadia Grant Awarded: $85,000. Grantee Website: Early Manuscripts Electronic Library (emelibrary.org). 

The Early Manuscripts Electrinic Library (EMEL) is a research organisation based in San Pedro, California. Its mission is to use digital technologies to preserve and provide access to historical source materials, especially ancient and medieval manuscripts.

In 2009 the Library undertook survey work for a potential five year project to recover the erased and written over texts in palimpsests held at St Catherine’s Monastery at Mount Sinai in Egypt. Using the latest in new image sensing techniques, the Library’s project intended digitize the images and make them available as an online resource, providing comparison material for earlier transcripts.

The first Arcadia grant supported the survey work to establish which imaging technologies could enable the recovery of the texts from these ancient palimpsests. This project was an enormously exciting opportunity to bring to the public a series of images that until now have been hidden for centuries.

Impressed with the results of the first grant, in 2011 EMEL was awarded a repeat grant of $2,100,000 to support a full scale digitisation project of the St Catherine’s palimpsests manuscripts.
Over the next five years EMEL aims to digitise more than 6,800 folios from 129 different manuscripts. The project will prioritise manuscripts judged to offer the greatest potential for research and the results will be made freely available through an online digital library.

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Time to Apply for Grants

It’s time to apply for grants and residential fellowships in these and other programs:

* The American Academy in Rome (click here)
* The American Philosophical Society (click here)
* Getty Research Fellowships (click here)
* Guggenheim Foundation (click here)
* Institute for Advanced Studies (click here)
* Mellon Foundation (click here)
* National Endowment for the Humanities (click here)
* National Humanities Center (click here).

Good luck to everyone!

CAA Travel Grants for Students and Members

GRANTS: College Art Association (CAA) 2014, Travel Grants for Graduate Students and International Members.

CAA offers Annual Conference Travel Grants to graduate students in art history and studio art and to international artists and scholars. In addition, the Getty Foundation provides funding for a program that enables applicants from outside the United States to attend the conference. Applicants may apply for more than one grant but can only receive a single award.

Travel Grants for the Annual Conference:

CAA will award a limited number of $250 Graduate Student Conference Travel Grants to advanced PhD and MFA graduate students as partial reimbursement of travel expenses to attend the 102nd Annual Conference, taking place February 12–15, 2014, in Chicago. To qualify for the grant, students must be current CAA members. Successful applicants will also receive a complimentary conference registration.

CAA will award a limited number of $500 International Member Conference Travel Grants to artists and scholars from outside the United States as partial reimbursement of travel expenses to attend the 102nd Annual Conference, taking place February 12–15, 2014, in Chicago. To qualify for the grant, applicants must be current CAA members. Successful applicants will also receive a complimentary conference registration.

Deadline: 13 September 2013.

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SRS Research Bursaries, 2014

GRANTS: Society for Renaissance Studies Research Bursaries (2014).

The Bursary Scheme is intended to foster research on the Renaissance in the museum, archive and library community. The SRS is actively involved in promoting cross-dialogue between universities, museums, libraries and archives. It is an advocate for research into the Renaissance and its dissemination in museums, libraries and archives.

Many UK and Irish libraries, archives and museums have extremely important Renaissance collections. The Society is aware of the difficulty that professionals in these institutions encounter in undertaking research, particularly on Renaissance subjects.

A total of £1500 per annum has been made available by the SRS towards a bursary scheme to promote research by curators, librarians and archivists in museums, libraries and archives in the UK and Ireland.

Individual Awards are offered to provide financial assistance for these professionals to undertake original research towards a publication, exhibition or display. There will be one application deadline per year and therefore a total of £1500 available in each round.

Applicants can apply for any amount between £200 and £1500. This award is tenable for a maximum of 12 months; it can only be used for one project.

Application deadline:  31July 2013.

Source: H-ArtHist

CAA 2014 Travel Grants for Art Historians

GRANTS: CAA 2014 Travel Grant for Art Historians.

CAA offers Annual Conference Travel Grants to international artists and scholars. In addition, the Getty Foundation provides funding for a program that enables applicants from outside the United States to attend the conference. Applicants may apply for more than one grant but can only receive a single award.

The CAA International Travel Grant Program, generously supported by the Getty Foundation, provides funding to twenty art historians, museum curators, and artists who teach art history to attend the 102nd Annual Conference, taking place February 12–15, 2014, in Chicago. The grant covers travel expenses, hotel accommodations, per diems, conference registrations, and one-year CAA memberships. For 2014, CAA will offer a one-day preconference meeting on February 11, providing grant recipients and their hosts with the opportunity to address their common professional interests and issues.

Application deadline: 23 August 2013.

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Research Grant at Columbia University

Research Grant, Columbia University, NY, 1 July 2013 – 1 January 2014.

The Columbia University Libraries (CUL) invites applications from scholars and researchers to a new program designed to facilitate access to Columbia’s special and unique collections. CUL will award ten (10) grants of $2500 each on a competitive basis to researchers who can demonstrate a compelling need to consult CUL holdings for their work. Participating Columbia libraries and collections include those located on the Morningside Heights campus: the Avery Architectural and Fine Arts Library, The Burke Library at Union Theological Seminary, Butler Library, the Lehman Social Sciences Library, the Rare Book & Manuscript Library, the C. V. Starr East Asian Library, and the Libraries’ Global Studies Collections.

To submit an application, assemble the following materials:
1. A two-page (maximum) statement of the nature of the research project and its direct relationship to specific materials in Columbia’s libraries. It will be important to understand how holdings unique to Columbia will play a special role in accomplishing the research project.
2. A brief CV (two pages maximum)
3. Two letters of support from persons familiar with the applicant’s work. These must be included with the completed application form and NOT sent separately. Letters received separately will not be acknowledged. Submissions that do not include letters of support will be considered incomplete and will not be reviewed.

Application deadline: 15 February 2013. Award notifications will be sent to applicants by 19 April 2013 for research conducted at Columbia during the period 1 July 2013 – 30 June 2014.

Source: H-ArtHist

The Bibliographical Society: Grants 2013

GRANTS: The Bibliographical Society invites applications for awards from scholars engaged in bibliographical research (on, for example, book history, textual transmission, publishing, printing, bookbinding, book-ownership and book-collecting). The Society hopes to make awards both for immediate research needs, such as for microfilms or travelling expenses, and for longer-term support, for example to assist with prolonged visits to libraries and archives.

The Society has received a generous bequest from the estate of the distinguished bibliographer Katharine F. Pantzer Jr and has established two research awards in her memory: a Fellowship of up to £4,000, and a Scholarship of up to £1,500, to be awarded annually.

Applicants’ research for either of the Pantzer awards must be within the field of the bibliographical or book-historical study of the printed book in the hand-press period, that is up to c.1830. Applicants should be established scholars in the field but may be university-based or independent researchers. The Pantzer Fellowship, worth up to £4,000, is intended to assist with both immediate research needs, such as microfilms or travelling expenses, and longer-term support, for example prolonged visits to libraries and archives. Applicants may use a part of the Fellowship money to pay for teaching cover.

MAJOR GRANTS: A number of major awards, up to a maximum of £2,000 each, are offered. Several of these take the form of named awards. One will be associated with the name of the late Barry Bloomfield, sometime president of the Society, and one or more will be associated with the Antiquarian Booksellers’ Association, which has generously contributed to the fund. The Society also offers the Katharine F. Pantzer Jr Research Scholarship of up to £1,500, the Fredson Bowers award of $1,500 funded by the Bibliographical Society of America, the Falconer Madan award of £500 in conjunction with the Oxford Bibliographical Society for research undertaken in Oxford libraries or, under certain circumstances, conducted elsewhere upon topics connected with Oxford; the holder of the Madan award may be eligible to apply for association with Wolfson College, Oxford. The named awards may be supplemented from the Society’s research funds to a maximum total of £2,000 each. Applications for the Pantzer Fellowship and Major Grants and references must arrive by 11 January 2013.

MINOR GRANTS: In addition, the Society offers a limited number of minor grants, of £50 to £200, for specific purposes such as the costs of travel or of microfilming for research purposes (but not for attendance at, or travel to, conferences). Applications for these minor grants may be submitted at any time and should be supported by one reference.

CONFERENCE SUBVENTIONS: The Society offers a number of subventions of up to £250 each to organizers of conferences so that they can help defray the cost of conference fees for at least two students. The subject of the conference must fall within one or more of the areas of interest specified in the first paragraph. Conference organizers granted a subvention must agree to mention the Society’s support in their conference literature, for which purpose a logo is provided. Applications for Conference Subventions may be submitted at any time.

Click here for full guidelines and application forms for all grants and awards.

Getty Graduate Internship Program

GRANT: Getty Graduate Internship Program, The Getty Center and Villa, 9 September 2013 – 16 May 2014.

Internships are open to students of all nationalities. Applicants must be:

• Students currently enrolled in a graduate program leading to an advanced degree in a field relevant to the internship(s) for which they are applying, or

• Individuals who have completed a relevant graduate degree on or after 1 January 2010, with postgraduate activities in their field, paid or unpaid.

Internships are located at the Getty Center in Los Angeles or the Getty Villa in Malibu. All positions are full-time beginning 9 September 2013. Most internships are for eight months, ending 16 May 2014. Conservation internships are twelve months, ending 5 September 2014. Grant amounts are $17,400 for eight months and $26,000 for twelve months. Support for research travel is available for up to $2,500. The grant includes health benefits, but housing and relocation funds are not provided.

Application deadline: 3 December 2012. Please note that since the application deadline falls on a Saturday, we will accept applications through Monday, 3 December until 5:00 pm PST.

Questions? Click here to contact the Foundation.

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Prix Marc de Montalembert (INHA 2013)

GRANT: Prix Marc de Montalembert, INHA 2013.

La Fondation Marc de Montalembert et l’Institut national d’histoire de l’art se sont associés pour l’attribution du Prix Marc de Montalembert d’un montant de 8 000 euros. Ce prix soutient l’achèvement d’un travail de recherche qui contribue à une meilleure connaissance des arts et de la culture du monde méditerranéen. La Fondation Marc de Montalembert offre en outre au lauréat la possibilité de séjourner à son siège à Rhodes, en Grèce.

Les candidat(e)s doivent :
– être né(e)s dans un pays riverain de la Méditerranée, ou en avoir la nationalité ;
– avoir moins de 35 ans au 1er novembre 2012 ;
– être titulaire d’un doctorat ou en avoir le niveau.

Les candidats seront évalués sur leur curriculum vitae et sur leur projet, son originalité et son intérêt, sa faisabilité et sa pertinence pour ce qui concerne le monde méditerranéen. La présentation du projet, rédigée en français de préférence ou en anglais, doit comprendre un calendrier de travail, un lien explicite avec les domaines de recherche de l’INHA (Histoire de l’art médiéval), une prévision des frais nécessaires à sa réalisation et une indication des résultats attendus et des perspectives de leur diffusion. La présentation sera accompagnée d’une lettre de motivation manuscrite rédigée en français et de deux lettres de présentation signées par des personnes compétentes en mesure d’attester le sérieux du candidat et la qualité de son projet. Ne seront pris en compte que les projets individuels.

La mise en œuvre du projet, d’une durée d’un an, commencera par un séjour d’un mois à Paris, en tant que chercheur accueilli à l’INHA ; elle s’achèvera par un deuxième séjour à Paris durant lequel les résultats feront l’objet d’une présentation publique. Les deux séjours sont pris en charge forfaitairement, par la Fondation Marc de Montalembert et par l’INHA. Le lauréat bénéficiera de l’appui d’un conseiller scientifique de l’INHA avec lequel un contact régulier sera maintenu. Les résultats de la recherche seront publiés et diffusés sous une forme appropriée, avec le concours de l’INHA.

– Réception des candidatures du 1er septembre au 1er novembre 2012.
– Date-limite d’envoi des dossiers : au plus tard le 1er novembre 2012, le cachet de la poste faisant foi.
– Annonce du prix : seconde quinzaine de janvier 2013.

Le dossier doit comprendre : un curriculum vitae, la photocopie d’une pièce d’identité, le projet rédigé en français ou en anglais, l’identification du lien avec un domaine de l’INHA, le calendrier de travail et le budget prévisionnel, le résultat attendu, une lettre de motivation et au moins deux lettres de recommandation. Tout dossier incomplet sera écarté.

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New Curatorial Track Ph.D. in Art History

The Department of Art History at the University of Delaware announces a new Curatorial Track Ph.D. Program in Art History.

The aim of the program is to train graduate students in art history who seek to become curators in museums or other institutions dealing with the fine arts.

Open to students who have been accepted into the department’s doctoral program, the Curatorial Track PhD combines intensive, specialized training in graduate-level art historical studies with an interdisciplinary component consisting of coursework in the following fields: Art Conservation and Preservation Studies; Museum Studies; Technical Art History; Material Culture Studies; and Business and Non-Profit Management.

Training also provides students with a minimum of two semesters of museum internship experience. Our program partner institutions include: the Philadelphia Museum of Art, The Pennsylvania Academy of the Fine Arts, the Delaware Art Museum, and the Walters Art Museum.

The Curatorial Track Ph.D. program is made possible by a generous grant from the Andrew W. Mellon Foundation.

For information on curriculum, fellowships, and application procedures, please consult our website.

Application deadline: 2 January 2012.

Contact: David M. Stone, Professor and Director of Graduate Studies, Department of Art History, University of Delaware, 318 Old College, Newark, DE 19716, USA; tel. (office): 302-831-8415/8416.

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Mellon Foundation Postdoctoral Fellowship

GRANT: Mellon Foundation Postdoctoral Fellowship, Institute of Fine Arts, New York University. Contact by e-mail

The Institute of Fine Arts announces a postdoctoral fellowship supported by a grant from the A. W. Mellon Foundation. This award will be for academic years 2012 – 2014. The A. W. Mellon Postdoctoral Fellow will be in residence at the Institute of Fine Arts, New York University. The fellowship is held in conjunction with the IFA/Andrew W. Mellon Foundation review of research and teaching in the fields of art history, archaeology and conservation. This fellowship will give the Fellow the opportunity to pursue a research project while gaining teaching experience at a graduate level and while participating in a major international research initiative. The Fellow is expected to carry out research on a project leading to a major publication. The fellow will participate in the meetings of the relevant working groups and will teach one graduate level course each year. In addition to these responsibilities, in the second year the Fellow is to organize a seminar, conference, or workshop stemming from their research topic.

The A. W. Mellon Postdoctoral Fellowship award is $55,000 per year, with benefits. There is a further  $12,000 housing allowance and $2,000 for travel and research expenses.

Postdoctoral fellows are expected to reside in New York and to participate fully in the research activities of the IFA throughout the fellowship period. Fellows are provided with office space and have access to the resources of the libraries of the IFA and New York University as well as other specialized research libraries and collections in New York.

There are no restrictions about the field of study, and applications are encouraged in fields not currently taught at the Institute of Fine Arts. Selection will be based on the merits and feasibility of the proposed research and on the academic and research excellence of the candidate. A. W. Mellon Postdoctoral Fellowships may not be postponed or renewed.

Candidates must submit five (5) copies of application forms, including all materials. Three letters of recommendation in support of the application are required. After a preliminary selection, finalists may be interviewed in February 2012. The fellowship award will be announced by 30 April 2012.

Application deadline: 1 November 2011.

Applications should be mailed to:
Andrew W. Mellon Research Activities Coordinator
Institute of Fine Arts, New York University
1 East 78th Street
New York, New York 10075

Further information to apply

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New Getty International Travel Grants

Art historians based outside of the US might be interested to know about the new Getty Foundation International Travel Grants.

The Getty Foundation awarded a generous grant to the College Art Association to support the participation of international art historians at the CAA Centennial Conference in Los Angeles, to be held from 22-25 February 2012, at the Los Angeles Convention Center. CAA hereby invites applications from international art historians, including artists who teach art history and art historians who serve as museum curators.  Awards will support conference registration, travel, hotel accommodations, and include a per diem and a one-year membership to CAA.

The goal of the program is to increase international participation in CAA; to expand international networking and the exchange of ideas; and to familiarize international participants with the conference program, including the session participation process.  Preference will be given to applicants from countries not well represented in CAA’s membership.  This  grant is not open to those participating in the 2012 conference as chairs, speakers, or discussants. Individuals selected for the CAA grants will be expected to attend the conference throughout its duration and participate in the activities planned in connection with the grant.

Applications should include:
·  Completed copy of the application form
·  A two-page version of the applicant’s CV
·  One letter of support from the chairperson, dean, or director of the applicant’s school, department, or museum
· A one-page statement explaining how attending the conference will benefit the applicant’s professional career.

Deadline: 23 September 2011. Notification: 25 November.

Please email to Lauren Stark