Two Hundred Years of Italian MSS in Oxford


CONFERENCE: Two Hundred Years of Italian Manuscripts in Oxford. Exploring the Canonici Collection, Oxford, Bodleian Libraries & Lincoln College, 24 – 25 November 2017.

This two-day conference is planned to celebrate the bicentenary of the arrival from Venice to the Bodleian Library of the Canonici collection of manuscripts (1817) and to stimulate interdisciplinary research. Papers and posters will offer the opportunity to discuss a wide range of topics related to the Canonici manuscripts and will help in the identification of further research.


Friday 24 November 2017
Weston Library, Lecture Theatre
* Richard Ovenden (Oxford), Opening remarks
* Irene Ceccherini (Oxford), Three years with the Bodleian Canonici collection: Current achievements and some future prospects.

Session 1. Provenance
Chair: Cristina Dondi (Oxford)
* Dorit Raines (Venice), The Canonici ‘modus operandi’: Acquiring rare manuscripts in 18th-century Venice
* Laura Nuvoloni (Holkham Hall), Searching for Trevisan manuscripts: The Canonici and Holkham collections
* William Stoneman (Harvard), Canonici manuscripts outside the Bodleian Library.

Session 2. Music, Liturgy and the Bible
Chair: Henrike Lähnemann (Oxford)
* Margaret Bent (Oxford), Late-medieval music in the Canonici collection. This paper will be illustrated with live examples and followed by a short recital of music from MS. Canon. Misc. 213
* Laura Albiero (Paris), Hidden treasures in the Canonici Liturgici collection
* Greti Dinkova-Bruun (Toronto), The Canonici Biblici manuscripts: The expected and the unexpected.

Session 3. Greek and Hebrew Manuscripts
Chairs: Nigel Wilson (Oxford) & César Merchan-Hamann (Oxford)
* Petros Bouras-Vallianatos (London), The Greek translation of Ḥunayn Ibn Isḥāq’s (d. 873). Questions on medicine in MS. Canon. Gr. 1
* Rahel Fronda (Oxford), Lions of Judah in a late-13th-century micrographic Hebrew Bible, MS. Canon. Or. 137.

Saturday 25 November 2017
Lincoln College, Oakeshott Room
* Henry Woudhuysen (Oxford), Opening remarks.

Session 4. French and Medical Manuscripts
Chair: Ian Maclean (Oxford)
* Marco Veneziale (Liège/Zürich), The French medieval manuscripts of Matteo Luigi Canonici
* Iolanda Ventura (Orléans), Reconstructing Paduan academic medicine and pharmacology between the 14th and 17th centuries: The role of the Canonici collection.

Session 5. Italian Literature
Chair: Martin McLaughlin (Oxford)
* Gennaro Ferrante (Naples), ‘ILLUMINATED DANTE PROJECT’: The illuminated Dante manuscripts of the Canonici collection
* Marcello Nobili (Rome), The textual transmission of a neglected witness for the Fortleben of the ‘Tre Corone’ in the 15th-century Romagna: The ‘Libellus de honore mulierum’ by Benedetto da Cesena in MS. Canon. Ital. 288.

Session 6. Humanism: Palaeography and Manuscript Illumination
Chairs: David Rundle (Oxford) & Martin Kauffmann (Oxford)
* Teresa De Robertis (Florence), Il contributo dei manoscritti Canonici alla storia della scrittura umanistica
* Ada Labriola (Florence), In the shadow of Lorenzo de’ Medici: Florentine illuminated manuscripts by Gherardo di Giovanni in the library of Matteo Luigi Canonici.

Session 7. Humanism: Literature
Chair: Irene Ceccherini (Oxford)
* Outi Merisalo (Jyväskylä), The dissemination of Poggio Bracciolini’s works in the light of the Canonici manuscripts
* Angelo Piacentini (Milan), Three humanistic anthologies in the Canonici collection.

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