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CONFERENCE: The Book Index, Lecture Theatre, Weston Library, Oxford, 22 – 23 June 2017.

This two-day symposium takes a timely opportunity to consider how the index – the foremost finding aid of the physical book – shaped reading and scholarly method over the last 800 years.


Thursday, 22 June 2017
Session 1 (Chair: Dennis Duncan)
* James Mussell (Leeds), ‘The indexes of some periodicals are good, but those of the many are bad’: Indexing Periodicals in the Nineteenth Century
* Liangyu Fu (Michigan), Indexing Science Translations in Nineteenth-Century China
* Florence Hsia (Wisconsin-Madison), Cutting Corners: The Problem of Indexing Chinese.

Session 2 (Chair: Olivia Smith)
* Florian Ehrensperger (UBC), Backstairs to Philosophy: Heidegger and Cassirer on Indexing
* Angela Carr (New School), The Index as Genre and the Lucretian Swerve.

Session 3 (Chair: Dennis Duncan)
* Ann Kingdom, Ann Hudson, Paula Clarke Bain, Pilar Wyman, Janice Rayment (Society of Indexers), Indexing Now.

Session 4 (Chair: Emily Steiner)
* Kyle Conrau-Lewis (Yale), Indexing and Appropriation: Valerius Maximus as Sermon Fodder
* James Freeman (Cambridge), ‘Towards acquaintance with following table’: The Earliest Indexes to Ranulph Higden’s Polychronicon.

Keynote (Chair: James Freeman)
* Emily Steiner (UPenn), Alphabetical Logic: John Trevisa’s Index to the Polychronicon.

Friday, 23 June 2017
Session 5 (Chair: Abigail Williams)
* Shef Rogers (Otago), The Eighteenth-Century Satiric Literary Index as a Measure of Cultural Authority
* Sean Silver (Michigan), John Locke and the Cognitive Index.

Session 6 (Chair: David Cram)
* Philip Tromans (De Montfort), Indexing America: Knowledge, Propaganda and Richard Hakluyt
* Nikolaus Weichselbaumer (Mainz), Indexes to Legal Commentaries in Early Print.

Session 7 (Chair: Adam Smyth)
* Eve Houghton (Yale), ‘Overmeasure’: The Indexes of Francis Daniel Pastorius
* Tom Clayton (Princeton), The Temple at The Gilded Lion: Revisiting George Herbert’s Index.

Keynote (Chair: Dennis Duncan)
* Ann Blair (Harvard), Indexing, liberal; Indexing, mechanical.

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