Rewriting the Body in the Middle Ages

CONFERENCE: Bodies in Flux: Rewriting the Body in Medieval Literature, Art and Culture 1000-1450, University of Warwick, Humanities Research Centre, Wolfson Research Exchange, Coventry (UK), Saturday 20th May 2017.

Keynote Speakers: Dr Miranda Griffin (St Catharine’s College, Cambridge), Dr Robert Mills (UCL), Dr Debra Strickland (University of Glasgow).

What is it to have a body? And to experience change and transformation through that body? A focus on the material body in critical theory and philosophy has, in recent decades, produced varied and stimulating challenges to the ways that we think about and engage with bodies, particularly in the fields of gender and sexuality, queer theory, posthumanism, disability studies, and the ‘material turn’.

Discussion of how bodies interact with, are situated in, or are delineated from social, political, and cultural phenomena illuminates our understanding of the experience of embodiment, and the representation of this experience. Similar debates, discussions, and anxieties were expressed in the Middle Ages.

This interdisciplinary conference asks what the transformation of the body means for the conception of bodies of different kinds: human, nonhuman, animal, material, divine, and how the representation of these changes in different media reflects on and inflects the boundaries conventionally associated with the body.

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