In vendita uno dei corali di S. Sisto a Piacenza


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Les Enluminures ha messo in vendita uno dei corali di S. Sisto a Piacenza:

In Latin, illuminated manuscript on parchment
With 31 miniatures by the Master of the San Sisto Antiphonals
Italy, [Lombardy (doubtless Piacenza), 1460-80
Priceover: $150,000

Of immense scale and in exceptional condition, this is one of a 14-volume set of Choir Books made for the Abbey of San Sisto of the Congregation of Santa Justina. Sets of opulently illuminated choir books were one of the most prestigious products of Renaissance manuscript illumination.

Sumptuously illuminated with 9 exceptionally large historiated initials, sometimes half a page in size, and 22 smaller historiated initials, its style represents the culmination of the late Gothic International Style in Lombardy.

This impressive volume preserves an immense contemporary binding of thick wooden boards covered with leather and metal stamped frames and bosses. Illumination of these volumes extended over a half century; the present manuscript – one of the earliest and most precious – is by a collaborator of the famous Belbello da Pavia.

Other volumes in the set are in museums (Amadeo Lia Museum in La Spezia, University of California at Berkeley, Boston Museum of Fine Arts, the Walters Art Museum, etc.). Intact Choir Books are rare, especially in private collections, and they have significantly increased in value in recent years; this volume was on long-term deposit at the J. Paul Getty Museum.

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