Sotheby’s: London, 7 July 2015


AUCTION: Medieval and Renaissance Manuscripts, Sotheby’s (34-35 New Bond Street, London W1A 2AA UK), Tuesday 7 July 2015.

The following entries are of particular interest:

Lot 17
Christ Blessing in an historiated initial, one of seven painted initials on thirteen leaves of an Antiphonary, in Latin [Italy, Tuscany (perhaps Arezzo or San Sepolchro), c.1250-75].

Lot 18
Three illuminated initials on leaves from Franciscan Antiphonaries, in Latin [Italy (Bologna), c.1300-25].

Lot 19
Decorated initial on a leaf from a Choirbook, in Latin [southern Italy, c.1250s].

Lot 22
Two historiated initials from illuminated manuscripts [Italy and Germany, 15th century].

Lot 24
Leaf from a Ferial Psalter, in Latin [Italy (probably Florence), c.1470-90].

Lot 25
Four bifolia from a Missal, Use of Augustinian Hermits, in Latin [north-eastern Italy, c.1490s].

Lot 26
Ozias, Prince of Judah, and King Ahasuerus, two historiated initials on a leaf from the Breviary of Lionello d’Este, in Latin [Italy (Ferrara), between 1441 and 1448].

Lot 27
The Dance of Death, full-page miniature [northern Italy, Lombardy, c.1490].

Lot 28
The Triumph of David, large full-page miniature [Italy (Rome), c.1550-75]

Lot 57
Historiated, illuminated, and decorated initials on twenty-nine leaves from manuscripts in Latin [Flanders, France, Italy, and Spain, 14th, 15th, and 16th centuries].

Lot 67
The Organization and Duties of Vatican Chamberlains and Guards, in Latin [Italy (Rome), after 1539].

Lot 70
Gradual, in Latin [Italy (Siena), c.1280].

Lot 72
Book of Hours, Use of Rome, in Latin and Italian [Italy (Florence), c.1480].

Lot 73
Book of Hours, Use of Rome, in Latin [Italy (Florence), c.1470s].

Lot 74
Book of Hours, Use of Rome, in Latin [Italy (Naples), c.1490].

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