A Newly Discovered Leaf Written by Sanvito


NEWS: A Newly Discovered Leaf Written by Sanvito, by Peter Kidd.

Much has been written about Otto Ege in the past two decades: see, for example, the articles by Barbara Shailor, Otto Ege: His Manuscript Fragment Collection and the Opportunities Presented by Electronic Technology (2003), and by Fred Porcheddu, Otto F. Ege: Teacher, Collector, Biblioclast (2006), as well as the Ege project website at Denison University.

The most recent flurry of interest in Ege has been prompted by Lisa Fagin Davis’s entertaining and informative Manuscript Road Trip blog-posts. Ege had a distinctive way of ruling his mounts in red ink; this image comes from the Shailor article cited above, and is also used by Fagin Davis in one of her blog-posts.

Coincidentally, a few weeks before reading her blog-post, I was looking through a collection of leaves which were waiting to be catalogued by Christie’s, London, and recognised that they are in characteristic red-ruled Ege mounts.

One of the smallest leaves (c.120 × 80mm) in the Christie’s group contains the start of the Hours of the Spirit, with a rubric and incipit in elegant capitals in alternating colours …..

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